Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

“I just received the M2 yesterday! So far I’m very pleased with it: Nice design, and of course a hauntingly beautiful sound. I will probably use it with my vocal ensemble Hortus Deliciarum ; we play medieval polyphony, gregorian chant and the like. I think the shruti box will blend in perfectly with our music.”
Jean-Paul Drudi, Singer, France (M2C)

“I love the sound action and feel of my new M3. You make such fabulous instruments with love skill and care. Thank you!!!.”
David Monks, UK (M3 Low G & Bowring pedal)

“I have now received your beautiful shruti box and played fully, amazing sound. Our baby is already loving the sound of the gorgeous instrument. Fantastic, thank you very much for your prompt support..”Mami Sayo, Yoga Practitioner, Japan (M1 C)

“I just wanted to let you know that I have really been enjoying the Low G Shruti and the Bowring pedal. They are an awesome pair. I have waited for a real-instrument drone for many years. Sounds great with my guitar or my hardpan.”
Nathaniel Brown, Musician, USA (M3 Low G & Bowring pedal)

“Shruti arrived today. Long session this evening. Far exceeds my dreams. We are happy : )”
Dann Pell, Singer-Guitarist, USA (M3 Low G & Bowring pedal)

“Thank you for the most beautiful shruti box, which arrived here in perfect shape. It is exactly what I expected, great. I am looking forward to using it to accompany chanting in Yoga, for deep relaxation and trance.”
Ada Stefanie Namani, Germany (M1 Low G)

“I could write you a thousand word essay about how much I am I love with this shruti box, but I don’t feel that I could properly convey how absolutely smitten I am!!! I played my usual yoga accompanying gig this last weekend that focuses primarily on a spicy D minor handpan. I set up the shruti box and held off I using it until it was about :45 min into class. When the shruti box came in, the soundscape vastly widened with great warmth and effect.  It was amaaazing!!!!  Several people asked about the sound and the ins and outs of harmonics vs 5ths after the class.  They as amazed by the sounds as much I think I will continue to be by your attention to detail craftsmanship.”
David Torrance, Handpan player, USA (M3 Low G & Bowring pedal)

“I just want to let you know that I received the shruti box. The sound is great! Your pedal system works really well! Thanks for your work”
Pierre Tasell, France (M3 C & Bowring pedal)

“I just wanted to let you know that I love the Shruti box. I am enjoying it very much. It sounds beautiful and looks beautiful. It really compliments certain Irish songs. I think it was the instrument I was always looking for. Gura Maith Agat  (Thank you )”
Mairin Mannion, Ireland (M2 C)

“My Shruti Box arrived on Tuesday and I really fell in love with it! It has very nice and warm sound and it’s a wonderful instrument!”
Katja Ettl, Musician, Germany (M3 Low G & Bowring pedal)

“Has a really great sound. V happy bunny!”
Lucy Winch, Yoga practitioner, England (M5 C)

“I am enjoying the shrutibox. It’s really great and getting lots of interest here in the States in particular! We are currently on a three week tour.”
Julie Fowlis, Folk singer and multi-instrumentalist, Scotland (M1 A#)

“I want to tell you how pleased I am with your M1 Shruti Box.  It sounds lovely, and the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. There is so much ‘heart’ in the instrument one can feel your great care and attention in every detail. Thank you for making such a wonderful instrument.”
James Schaller, Therapeutic music composer, Czech Republic (M1 C + Bowring pedal)

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