Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

“The possibilities with two octaves are amazing. The sound is so beautiful and inspiring. And the ability to control the sound with the foot is brilliant. I’m so happy and grateful for this instrument!”
Jakob Eri Myhre , Norway (M3 Low C Two Octave  + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“Bravo to the highest order!!!! What a beautiful instrument! Absolutely harmonious!!! What a wonderful sound, I was playing next to a window and the birds at my birdfeeder in the backyard came close to see where the sound was coming from, and my dogs slipped into a slumber and slept in heavenly peace. It pairs beautifully with my didge. The quick guide was very handy in getting started! I have played and tried many instruments throughout my life and only a few stick with me and I can tell right away that I will cherish this instrument for the rest of my life. My goodness right on, bless you for creating something so special.”
Galen Wilbur, USA (M3 C  + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“I’m a sound healer and I teach sound healing with one of the main academies. I’ve had my M1 C Shruti for 6 years. I use it in sound baths and for one to one clients. I tone or chant mantras to one of the notes I’m playing. It is such a wonderful instrument with the voice, bringing out the harmonics in both. Recipients comment about how etherial and magical they sound together. I thought I would add this review to help sound healers to make a choice. Just be aware that the M1,2,& 3 categories seem to refer to the different woods and the reeds which are used, not to the size, colour or key, though this does vary too. Next on my wish list is an M3 Low G :-)”
6 year review from Roise O’Caollaidhe (

“Thank you so much for the amazing Shruti Box! I love it! Still have to practice a bit when playing it with the foot pedal, playing guitar and singing at the same time but it’s great fun.Thank you again for the great work you guys put into making these instruments and the efforts of sending it during Christmas/Brexit/COVID-chaos!”
Andreas Wiedenmann, Germany (M3 C  + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“Two years ago now I bought a shruti box from you, having had fun playing around with a friend’s. I just wanted to say thank you – I’ve had such good fun making music with it and exploring the new creative avenues it opens up. I’m about to release my first debut EP and just wanted to take the opportunity to share it with you ahead of release – you’ll hear the Shruti popping up here and there throughout; I really enjoyed using it in combination with cello and also various electronic instruments to create interesting textures. Listening Link: <>. Thanks and all the best.”
Pete Myson, UK (M1 C)

“I would just like to thank you for such a beautiful instrument. Both the craftsmanship and the sound are excellent; It truly is a pleasure to play and also to experience. I must say I was expecting it to be good but am taken aback by how inspired I am while using this with my instruments, and also how energised I feel after each session. It’s dynamic and sensitive and I absolutely love it – It is the perfect piece that completes the sound I am working on. This will become an important part of my working equipment for years to come!”
Will Hughes, UK (M3 Low C two octave + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“Just received my Shruti. DHL were very good and so was your packaging. After a quick try out with my sax, I find it beautifully tuned with a rather surprising subtlety, something I couldn’t hear on the internet. Wonderfully finished woodwork with striking red bellows! I look forward to getting familiar with the box, but already sat here with a B playing I’m a fully signed up Shruti owner.!”
Alan Wilson, UK (M3 Low G + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“A belated thank you for the Shruti box. I just love it. It’s had a little break over the Christmas but before the holidays I just couldn’t stop playing it.
I teach yoga and give sound baths. I’ve been using with the speaking voice and along with other instruments. Thank you again and I wish all the best for 2020!”
Margaret Comerford, UK (M3 C + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“Received it today, in perfect condition. The sound is just like I imagined – very happy with all the new possibilities that are forming in my head already. Thanks again for a smooth transaction!”
Eelco de Vries, USA (M1 C)

“Your shruti boxes are unparalleled in quality, craftsmanship and resonance. They are more like lifelong best friends than simple musical instrument purchases.”
Hala Toubbeh, Netherlands (M3 Two Octave Low C)

“Firstly – fantastic packaging.  Just the right amount and the instrument arrived in perfect condition, with hardly even any scuffing on the cardboard box! Thank you for including the helpful leaflet. I found the instrument itself and the pedal to be fairly self-explanatory.  I find it extremely easy to play by hand, and was almost immediately able to get an even, constant drone.  I found that much harder with the pedal, although after about half an hour, it became much smoother.  There seems to be a knack.  Fortunately, the instrument itself seems to be teaching me how.  For me, at least, it seems to depend on long, steady pushes of the foot, with a swift ‘recovery’ upstroke. I love the look and feel of the thing.”
Ben Hall, UK (M3 Low G + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“My Shruti Box arrived in Wuppertal today! Thanks for the beautiful instrument. It sounds wonderful with my Fujaras and the Alphorn… The sound inspired my musik very well…”
Klaus Renken, Germany (M3 Low G + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“The shrutibox has arrived well. I am very happy with the workmanship, the function and above all the great sound. The foot pedal works great. A real asset to making music. Thank you so much!”
Stefan Bergman, Germany (M3 C + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“I got my Shruti box yesterday… Holy crap does this thing sound HUGE.  I pulled out my tuner and ran through…I couldn’t believe how accurate it was tuned.  I grabbed a couple Tibetan bowls, and did some singing and WOW! I’m very excited.”
Ron Fearing, USA (M3 Low G tuned to A432 + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“I just want to let you know that I received my M1 shruti box last week and I am overwhelmed by its beauty and sound. I can see such care and attention to detail that went into making this very special instrument. The reeds are very balanced in volume and presence and the intonation is spot on. Thank you so much for making these wonderful instruments and sending them out into the world to raise people’s spirits. Mine is already a favorite among my instruments and I am pushing further into Mathieu’s Harmonic Experience book using it.”
Andrew Raynor, USA (M1 Low G + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“The Shruti box arrived before new year, all beautiful in shape and sound! That’s a great instrument! So I will enjoy more before sending ones a song with it.”
Maïck Cochard, Switzerland (M1 C)

“Thank you so very much for this beautiful instrument. I can hardly pull myself away from playing it with my flutes and percussion instruments. I’m inspired to create, again.”
Linda Laine, USA (M1 C + Bowring Foot Pedal)

“Thank you so much for the shruti box! I was able to use it for this Advent Vesper Service I led at my church in Summit NJ USA. The box was able to put everyone in a very peaceful attuned space- it was fantastic!”
Mark Miller, USA (M1 C)

“I love my new shruti! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to write and sing a million songs with it.”
Kai Altair, singer-artist, USA (M2 C)

“Received the shruti box on Sat in perfect working order. It sounds amazing. Thank you so much.”
Max Carmichael, USA (M3 Low G & Bowring Foot Pedal)

“It sounds, plays, smells, and looks beautifully. I can’t thank you enough, I am enjoying this instrument very much.The sounds produced feel very special to me.”
Peter Alexanian, USA (M3 Low G & Bowring Foot Pedal)

“Just received the instrument yesterday. It has arrived save and sane, and it sounds great! Thanks a lot to you again.”
Philip Lipsky, multi-instrumentalist, Germany (M3 Low G & Bowring pedal)

“I gotta say I absolutely dig this Shruti box. We played it at a gig the very day I go it. I didn’t realize how rhythmic the thing could be. It was just awesome!”
James Olin Oden, USA (M1 C)

“I received in good order and everything is working perfectly! I’m delighted with the product and your service. Would be happy to recommend to any and everyone. Many people are going to hear this instrument here in Las Vegas! Makes for a fine accompaniment with my handpan and percussion ensemble. Will use for some sound bath & kirtans as well.”
Matthew Conners, USA (M3 C & Bowring Foot Pedal)

“I’d just like you to know how much I am enjoying my M2 C Shruti, the tone is so rich and it really compliments a cappella singing as well as songs with guitar accompaniment. I’m finding lots of songs to sing with it at our folk club, and it always attracts interest. Our version of Bobbie Gentry’s Ode to Billie Joe, with shruti and slide guitar was an unexpected success.”
Jane Griffith-Ward, UK (M2 C)

“This morning was my first chance to open my shruti box. I just wanted to tell you that it sounds and looks FABULOUS! This instrument is going to be fantastic at creating the electrical and percussive ambient soundscapes that I will be recording this summer. Thank you so much!”
Stephen Berry,USA (M3 C & Bowring Foot Pedal)

“The Shruti box is magnificent!  Thanks so much for producing them.  So far, all I have done is to sing with it.”
Andy Alexis, USA (M1 C)

“I received the instrument a couple of days ago, and have been playing so much I forgot to write you back! Thank you for this wonderful instrument, I will cherish it for life! ”
Auden Gunerlussen, Norway (M3 Low G & Bowring Foot Pedal)

“I love it, what a beautiful sounding instrument, it already feels like a part of me and suits my voice very well, and what a wonderful meditation aid. Thank you.”
Liz Harper, Harp player, UK (M1C)

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