Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

“I bought a box from you some years ago. It has become an essential tool for my creative work. I use the box in my work with very small children and it is always a big hit. I also use it for composing and accompaniment in all sorts of performative contexts. It really is a central part of my musical work. And standing the test of time too!!”
Fiona Kelleher, Singer, Early years music artist, Ireland (M1 C)

“Received, beautiful! Far superior sound to other shruti boxes I have heard. It is evident that you put much thought and care into your product – you have considered every last detail, down to the protective lining of the carrying case! It is a perfect accompaniment to chanting during the yoga classes I lead. It has had the desired effect of inspiring more students to participate, with a subtle hypnotic effect that adds to the spiritual atmosphere.”
Phoenix Desmond, Yoga teacher, USA (M1 Low G)

“I got the shruti box a few days ago. It’s beautiful and sounds even more beautiful. This has been a long search – I’ve actually bought two and returned them and tried many dealers including ones in India. So I’m really happy to have found this.”
Sharanya Naik, USA (M1 Low G)

“The construction and sound of the shruti box is fantastic, thank you.”
Jose Luis Diaz Herrero, Spain (M1 C)

“They look beautiful and the sound is fabulous – rich, lush and smooth. Absolutely love it!”
Ralph Skuban, Yoga practitioner, Germany (M1 Low G & M1 C)

“I’m over the moon about it!!  it sounds and operates beautifully and is integrating into my one man show most wonderfully.”
Martin Gallop, Singer-songwriter, Germany (M1 Low G special large edition & Bowring pedal)

“The shruti box arrived safe and sound last week or so in a beautiful package!  We love it, it is getting much use and much love, even from our little 5 year old 🙂  thank you for making, creating a beautiful instrument, it is exactly what we wanted and hoped for!”
Micki Kibler, USA (M2 C)

“I received the M1 the other day and it is magnificent! What a rich and beautiful tone! I feel like my voice slots perfectly in with the tuning. I’m really looking forward to integrating it into my meditations and share this wonderful instrument with others.”
Jesse Flower-Ambroch, Sound engineer, USA (M1 C, re-tuned to A432)

“Got the box. Perfect. Masterpiece.”
Sam Schlamminger, Musician – Percussionist, Germany (M1 Low G special large edition & Bowring pedal)

“My Shruti box arrived today.  It is beautiful and I am thrilled.  I love the wood, the feel of it, even the nice carrying case that it came in.  Thank you so much for making this happen. I am truly delighted.”
Genevieve Hogan, USA (M1 C)

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